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This is a week that I don’t want to repeat

I started on with a stress test and ended rushing dogs to the vet and then the emergency vet. I hear about the stress test results next week. The yest is the result of my hospital stay. The vet is the result of dogs eating chocolate. Emma and Lilly are now doing fine. Winnie wasn’t…
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January 17, 2011 Can you believe it is snowing!

We have snow falling, which is lucky because temperatures are expected to drop to below zero. I have discovered that people out of our area don’t understand why I am so happy to have snow. Snow serves as a big blanket and insulates the ground and what is below ground from the bitter cold. A…
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Cold January 16, 2011

I have been using my Karoke fingerless gloves when typing the last week or so and it sure keeps my hands warm. I just signed up for another Art Yarns Knit a Long, Like I have time? I still have the Christmas presents to finish. But it just looked to good to resist. I wonder…
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January 15, 2011 A snowy day

I’m not sure how much snow that we we got but it is inches. The plow has been through so Bo wouldn’t have much shoveling to do. He loves to shovel. It is also about 1 above. Snow and cold = a Minnesota winter. I am still working on my cashmere jacket. I have 1/4…
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January 14, 2011

Snow again! It is winter, you know. But I woke with a migraine again today. It is because of the incoming snow and a change in my pain meds. I say pain meds but they are just the over the counter stuff. The hospital doctors had me switch from Ibuprofen to aspirin for my morning…
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January 12, 2011

Just a quick post as I just go back from the hospital. I went in at about 2 this morning and finally got to go home late this afternoon. I have to go in next week for a stress test.

January 11, 2011 My day off

People who know me, know that I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome and today I really know it. My own fault, I didn’t take my morning pain med. Every morning I wake up and wonder what wouldn’t work or what will hurt today. Today it is everything and it took me to late afternoon to remember –…
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January 10, 2011

I managed to get the January and February classes on the class web page and out in a newsletter. It can be so frustrating working with different programs. I put something here and then it moves to there. I add a word and the whole page changes in position. There are little gremlins that move…
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January 9, 2011 A sad day for all Americans

Yesterday an event in Tucson, AZ must serve as a wake up call to all of us, what you sow, you will reap! Words have meaning. I know in our fast moving, thump twitching society, words are treated as unimportant. Communications has become a game to be played but without really valuing the written or…
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January 8, 2011 – another cold January day in Knife River

Another cold morning on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Yesterday it was so cold that even Emma didn’t want to go out. The wind was what pushed the temperatures down and I can hear the Lake crashing behind me as I write. The cold brought out the customers. Warm wool jumps to knitter’s minds…
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