Month: January 2009

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I have things straihtened up at home now

I have everyone under control now. Daddy let the little girls get away with anything that they wanted. But now almost all is back to normal. Jossie was worse. It is nice and cool here. I didn’t like the heat, one day mom had to let me rest on a marble counter because I was…
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There is always something to do!

Slowly, things are getting back to normal. I am even catch up. Last week the girls started back to Obedience classes. They seemed ready to get back and worked really hard. Jossie is in her second, or is it her third, session of Intermediate. And she stepped out on the floor and started doing things…
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Emma in Texas

Here I am with Pietro the Golden, Bo, the little boy and Kathryn, the big girl. You can see how dry the lawn looks. Mom says that Austin is in a drought. The creek was dry too. This is the day that we flew home. It was in the 80s. Today it is -16 in…
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We’re back!

If you haven’t noticed the blog hasn’t changed for some time.  I haven’t been able to get into it to write anything. But now with our new website look, I can get into the blog again. And if you have written to me through the blog, I haven’t seen your post. Technology is so wonderful…
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I flew in a plane!

Mom and I flew in an airplane to visit our Austin, TX family and go to the Clicker Expo. I flew under the seat in my new carry case. It was okay. Now I am at my sister’s house for awhile. She has a husband and two kids and a Golden Retriever. He is a…
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