I flew in a plane!

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I flew in a plane!

Mom and I flew in an airplane to visit our Austin, TX family and go to the Clicker Expo. I flew under the seat in my new carry case. It was okay. Now I am at my sister’s house for awhile. She has a husband and two kids and a Golden Retriever. He is a good guy. The big girl is very fun but the little boy wants to carry me. It makes me nervous. And they have chickens and squirrels. The chickens really run when I chase them! The squirrels don’t play fair. When I chase them, the run up a tree.

At the Clicker Expo, mom and I took classes in dancing and retrieving and stuff like that. Some of the time, I sat in my bag and watches while people talked. Mom says that now it is time to go home and get back to work. So tomorrow I get in my flight bag and we fly home.

Don’t forget our contest!

Emma – the world traveler