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CIRCULAR NEEDLES– We encourage people to use circular needles as we feel that they are better for your hands and arms in the long run so you will find a very small selection of straight needles here.

Books And Magazines

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We carry many magazines dealing with fiber arts and crafts

Hanne Falkenburg

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We carry kits from Hanne Falkenburg, Jane Splicer-Smith, Vivian Hoexboro and Collentte We also carry Afghan kits from Universal Yarns

More On Market 2009

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Of course classes comprise a small amount of the time that we spend at market. Eight hours a day are spent walking the floor of the convention center looking at yarns and related items and making, what we hope are, smart choices. There are a lot of companies trying to get our attention and convince […]


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Arnhild is from Norway and learned to knit the Norway. A teacher as well as a designer, Arnhild brings her Norwegian training to her designs. Her patterns include garments for babies, children and adults as well as accessories, Christmas socks and household items. She uses Rauma Garn from Norway in her designs giving a crisp, […]


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These patterns have been around for a number of years. Many of the patterns offer directions at different gauges and multiple sizes. Ann’s patterns include infant, children and adult garments, afghans , accessories, Christmas socks and even golf club covers. Pictured is one of her best known patterns, the kid’s Fruit Caps. These patterns are […]


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The Art of Modern Knitting.- These patterns are for garments and accessories, for beginners to advanced, for babies, children and adults, simple to complex. The pictured one, I am currently knitting in Malabrigo yarn and is one of the more complex. In 2000 Black Purl began designing patterns that offer modern styling, great fit, wearability, […]


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This line of patterns include the famous Booga bag. There is a complete line of felted bags to choose from all with women’s names. I have found it rather amusing that people will often want to knit the pattern with their name or knit one for someone else that has that person’s name. Well written […]


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One of our favorite design companies, this is often our first suggestion to new knitters. For the last 10 years Deb and Lynda Gemmell have been developing great patterns in their own style of no – sew, minimal finishing for babies through adults. They now have 94 active designs and three books Many of the […]