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The companies that we proudly carry

ArtyarnsРSupplier of hand-dyed luxury yarns. Specializing in silks, cashmere and fine wools. One of our favorite suppliers of yarns with beads already on them.

Cascade -We have searched the world over in order to bring you some of the finest yarns at remarkably low prices. Some examples are Alpaca/wool and alpaca/cotton blends from the Andes Mountains of Peru. Kid mohair/silk blends from the spinners of Italy. Fabulous baby yarns from the gifted spinners of England.

And Many More…

Is Anything Made Locally Anymore?

I am asked this a lot. Or from visitors to our area, ‘Do you have anything locally made?’. I guess that the first thing that I have to ask is, ‘What do you call local?’ In some cases people mean in our neighborhood and in others cases they mean in the United States. I do look for locally made items that fit both cases.

There are times that I find items made in the US but the price is so high that, even though it is a wonderful product, I know that I wouldn’t be able to sell it. But I have found a number of wonderful products made in Minnesota and Wisconsin at price points that people will appreciate. I have also found some wonderful products made by small, specialty companies that are found through out the United States.

I would like to highlight some of these products in this newsletter. But remember that when you are getting products from small – often one person – companies, there is a limited supply at any given time. And what you may find one time, you may not find the next time. The small artisan company often is a work in progress. The artisan may tire of making one model or move on to a different model and the products will change. If you find something that you are in love with, get it now because it may not be available again. The small company that makes more than one item may tool up for one item at a time and when they have made a good supply of that item, they will quit making that item, tool up another and make that one for awhile. This means that not everything is always available.

Locally Made, Char’s Stocking Sticks and Straight Sticks

We are really excited to introduce this locally made product, carried exclusively by Playing With Yarn. Char is a long time customer, spinner, shepherdess and knitter. She has been experimenting with making needles for some time and these are a lovely product. The double point sets have a holder system that protects the points and keeps the set together. So far we have sets in the sizes 6 and under. But we will have a larger selection as she is able to make them. The sticks all have different shaped tops. Char is also making drop spindles and we will be carrying more of them as she gets them done.

Char has fleece from her sheep that we will be getting as she shears.

You do really need to see these beautiful needles!