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We carry patterns from an amazing selection of designers. Our pattern’s range from the very basic beginner to challenging advance knitter. The projects run from Doll clothes, infant, kids and adults garments, accessories and household items such as afghans and pillows to whimsical what evers. Techniques run from felting, knitting in the round, piece knitting, using colors, Aran stitch patterns to lace knitting. If we don’t have it, we can find it for you!

The Yorkie Girls Emma, Josephine, Florence, Molly, Bunny and Fanny say, “Every dog loves a hand-knit sweater in wonderful yarns”.  We have a number of new Dog Sweater Books plus individual patterns for not only the dog but matching human patterns.

The Yorkie Girls, Emma, Jossie, Flossie, Molly, Bunny and Fanny are always happy to model their sweaters for you!

We carry patterns from our various yarn companies to support their yarns. In addition, we carry patterns from an amazing selection of designers.. The projects run from doll clothes, infant, kids and adult garments, accessories and household items such as afghans and pillows to whimsical whatevers. Techniques run from felting, knitting in the round, piece knitting, using colors, Aran stitch patterns to lace knitting.. If we don’t have it, we can find it for you! We are carrying patterns from the following designers and design companies. They represent a wide range of difficulty and fashion styles.

ANN NORLING – These patterns have been around for a number of years. Many of the patterns offer directions at different gauges and multiple sizes. Ann’s patterns include infant, children and adult garments, afghans , accessories, Christmas socks and even golf club covers. Pictured is one of her best known patterns, the kid’s Fruit Caps. These patterns are suitable for the beginning knitter upward. They can be used as templates for the more adventuresome.

ARNHILD HILLESLAND – Arnhild is from Norway and learned to knit the Norway. A teacher as well as a designer, Arnhild brings her Norwegian training to her designs. Her patterns include garments for babies, children and adults as well as accessories, Christmas socks and household items. She uses Rauma Garn from Norway in her designs giving a crisp, clean color distinction. Arnhild also translated Rauma’s patterns into English for the company and has translated a number of Norwegian knitting books into English for Interweave Press. If you want to learn to knit the authentic Scandinavian way, Arnhild’s patterns will teach you how. You need to be comfortable in two color knitting for most of her patterns, or be willing to learn!


BLACK PURL – The Art of Modern Knitting.- These patterns are for garments and accessories, for beginners to advanced, for babies, children and adults, simple to complex. The pictured one, I am currently knitting in Malabrigo yarn and is one of the more complex. In 2000 Black Purl began designing patterns that offer modern styling, great fit, wearability, fashion longevity and ease of construction. These patterns have nice details and are fun to knit. The patterns have all been tested and edited with care. You can see all of the line at

CABIN FEVER PATTERNS One of our favorite design companies, this is often our first suggestion to new knitters. For the last 10 years Deb and Lynda Gemmell have been developing great patterns in their own style of no – sew, minimal finishing for babies through adults. They now have 94 active designs and three books Many of the garments are knit top down. Besides sweater patterns, there are accessories including; hats, mittens, shawls and wraps, bags and socks. It is amazing how different these patterns look knit in different yarns, try using a silk or other luxury fiber and see how different it looks.. And many are just plain fun to knit!

CHRIS BYLSMA ’s patterns encourage you to ‘paint with yarn’. From garments to accessories you will find patterns that will stretch your imagination and have you trying things that you never thought possible. From her famous Crayon Jacket to our favorite NaStasha Bag you will find yourself having more fun then you thought you could possibly have knitting.

COUNTRY CHILD – Terry Preisner has been designing ‘Classic Style With Distinctive Designs’ patterns for 23 years. She brings out new patterns as well as having many of her older favorites available. Her garments are from infant upward and you will find patterns for any gauge of yarn in her collection. Besides garments she designs patterns for accessories and household items. While not for the beginner, they are for the adventurous intermediate and up. Well written with good graphs.

Designs By Judith are multi-gauged patterns in a wide range of sizes. I like to think of these patterns as template patterns where you can plug in the yarn of your choice and create your own one of a kind garment.

DOVETAIL DESIGNS – VAL LOVE – Patterns for adult, kids and baby garments. Others are for accessories and household item. Val also has wonderful crochet patterns for garments and accessories. She is noted for her clear directions and nice pattern format.

EFFECTIVENESS BY DESIGN – The design label of the late Michele Wyman covers baby, kid and adult garments, accessories and household items. In some cases the patterns offer multiple gauge choices. These are good patterns for the beginner and intermediate knitter or for the more experienced knitter to use as design temples. Although Michele’s website has not been updated since her passing, you can still see many of her designs by visiting it at

FIBER SPACE – Felted fish, beaded fish, felted hats, beaded jewelry, fish Christmas stockings, fun, interesting and defiantly pushing your knitting skills! If you like fun knitting you will love these patterns. While not for everyone, they provide knitting enjoyment to the adventuresome knitter

FIBER TRENDS – 11 Years ago, Fiber Trends began publishing patterns, with AC-1, Felt Hat as their very first pattern. Knitters and crocheters responded to their unique styles and carefully tested instructions. They now feature over 200 designs including garments for baby, kids and adults, accessories and felting patterns. The easily recognized blue sheets are well known to all fiber people.

HEART STRINGS Jackie E-S Design Collections patterns range from the classic to the uniquely appealing and are yarn-generic patterns for creative freedom using yarns you like . They feature skill-building, clear, comprehensive instructions to help take your knitting beyond the ordinary . Jackie specializes in knitted lace and beaded knitting but her patterns include garments, accessories and household items. We are on her auto-ship list so that when a new pattern comes out, you know that you can find it

I KNITIATIVE – iKnitiative offers appealing knitting patterns for all skill levels. The ever-growing pattern collection features a mix of fashion-forward and timeless designs. .

KNITTED THREADS DESIGNS , JANET REHFELD – These well written, innovative and fun patterns include designs for crochet and hand knit sweaters, vests, hats, socks, afghans and much more . Janet has written books on crocheting socks and has many lace and beaded items in the collection. We have been pleased to have Janet come and teach classes for us. I owe most of my improved crochet skills to her.

KNITTING KNOON DESIGNS – Chris de Longpre, Designer Shape says, “ drape, and line are the main elements of my designs, which are mostly classic silhouettes coupled with an unusual trim detail or a bit of whimsy. I like to relax while knitting and try to design projects that I will like to knit, so there is a lot of stockinet stitch (for movie watching in the evenings). Pattern stitches are almost always 4- or 6-row repeats that are easily memorized. Frequently, my sense of humor peaks through, because I hope my designs are fun to own as well as fun to knit.” Chris’s patterns include garments for baby, kids and adults accessories and whimsy.

KNITWITS – Mostly accessories and often the hats can be knit and felted or knit to fit without felting. These patterns are fun and cover a wide range of interesting things to knit. We especially like to cat toys.-

KRICKET KNITS – “Kricket Knits explores the world of knitting while taking you away on a road trip visiting inspirational places and exploring cultures of the past and present. We offer several projects that present a variety of fun knitting techniques (like needle felting and intarsia). My goal is to encourage everyone not to get lost in the mundane and stress of everyday life. Get out and experience our wonderful world in all its glory. Even in your own city or town, there are new experiences (a new hiking trail, the farmers’ market, a class at a local college). I offer small projects to accompany you on the road or to influence the adventurer inside.” Fun patterns in a nice format! Need I say more?

MADDY LAINE – classic patterns for baby, kids and adult. These are good beginners patterns but still can challenge the more advanced. We have used these patterns for classes to teach new techniques. They are clearly written and easy to follow.

Minnow Knits patterns designed by internationally renowned Jil Eaton for babies, toddlers, children and adults. . These darling children’s patterns in a small formatted pattern booklet are just plain fun to knit and many are very suitable for a beginning knitter. We get the new patterns as they are released and usually all the styles are in stock. In the collection are also accessories and dog sweaters!


NANCY’S KNITS – If you like fine gauge knitting using many colors, these are patterns for you. Nancy’s patterns include those for baby, kids and adults as well as wonderful accessories! These are well written and fun to knit. I have to admit that it my kind of knitting so I really like these patterns.

NANCY LINDBERG Nancy is a MN designer and one of the first people to put out patterns for felted hats, mittens and slippers way over 11 years ago. She also has patterns that offer you multiple choices in one pattern. I taught a class in double knitting using her double knit hat pattern over 10 years ago. Her patterns are solid, well written and they cover baby, kids and adult garments as well as accessories and household items.

NONI – Fiber artist and designer Nora Bellows launched a line of patterns for fashionable and innovative bags with embellishments, written specifically for knitters at all experience levels. The purses range from cell phone bags to evening bags, something for everyone. You can also buy the flower patterns separately.

OAT COUTURE Natural Knitting – Patterns for baby, kids and adults garments, accessories and household items. These are well written patterns for knitters at any level. Our favorite baby afghan is her The Prairie Afghan

PENNY STRAKER – We were thrilled when a few years back Penny started putting out her patterns again. These are the original generic patterns, written for weights of yarn, not specific brands of yarn. In addition the patterns are graded to make them suitable for beginner, intermediate and advance knitting levels for men, women, children and baby garments and accessories. Each pattern has ‘Yarn Notes’ and P.S. Pointers which educates the knitter about yarn properties and give little knitting lessons. There is a step-by-step process to help the knitter knit a swatch with the appropriate pattern stitch so they know that their gauge is correct and the finished item will be the correct size. What is more these are very attractive garments when they are finished. We love these patterns are very proud to offer them to you.

PURE AND SIMPLE – Very easy, simple garments for adults, kids and baby. Many are knit top down. These are good basic sweaters for beginners. They also have some basic sock patterns.

SEALED WITH A KISS – We like the series of basic patterns that come from this company. They are a booklet featuring multiple sizes gauges and styles for a specific items e.g. hats. They offer some of their booklets for crochet also. A nice item to have in your pattern stash for using up odds and ends of your yarn stash.

ST. SERAPHINA – MN designer and award winning children’s author Kris Franklin designs garments and shawls. She often uses lace stitches. Her aim is to have the pattern complete on one page and clearly written. These are great patterns for the beginning lace knitter. But she doesn’t stop at lace shawls, her garment patterns are good for the beginning knitter too.

STYLE HOUNDS HANDKNITS The home of the fashion statement for your dog. There are a number of styles to choose from and they range in a wide range of knitting experience. Although not every dog would like to wear a letterman’s sweater, they might want an Aran knit or a nice basket stitch. Definitely for the dog concerned about style as well as warmth!

SWALLOW HILL CREATIONS – Beaded purses , scarves and jewelry patterns come from this Canadian company. We carry their patterns and some of their kits as well as their rayon threads. This is small needle knitting but great fun and they is a wide range of patterns to choose from.

THE SASSY SKEIN – Darling children’s clothes. The line includes sweaters, sundresses, skirts and jackets. They are often shown in cottons on the patterns but just as good in wools, blends or acrylic. My daughter has done a number of them for her girls.

LUCY NEATBY – Baby, kids and adult garments, accessories, household items, whatever’s. Lucy’s patterns are a workshop in themselves teaching techniques, tricks, use of color and finishing. They range in difficulty from rank beginner to very advanced, an adventure in each one. These are great patterns for stretching your comfort zone no matter what your level but with great instructions to help you through. These are not patterns for the strictly recipe knitters, you have to think and often think out of the box. Lucy has written the Cool Socks, Warm Feet sock book and has 4 DVDs out now; two on socks and 2 on techniques. We carry her DVDs as well as her patterns and book. We have proudly hosted workshops by Lucy twice and hope to see her return again soon. If you want some just plain fun knitting on some not so plain patterns try one of Lucy’s. Her whimsical way with good solid technique is just too much fun to miss.

VERMONT FIBER DESIGNS –Sue McCain former design coordinator for Classic Elite started Vermont Fiber Designs. These interesting, creative, classic designs are great for the adventurous knitter. These styles will be fashionable for years to come and offer the bonus of a very wide size range – sizes 5 to 6X. You will find patterns for children, men, women and unisex.

VALENTINE DEVINE – Valentine Devine is known for her freeform work and teaches a workshop called Knitting Without Boundaries She has been teaching her technique for over 20 years and has never had two garments alike. Saying this it is rather an oxymoron to say that we have her patterns, but for the adventuresome she has put out some outlines and guidelines for different designs. They often include crochet as well as knitting. And she either starts them off or ends them with, ‘Expand your creativeness. In creating there is no right or wrong!.”

YANKEE KNITTER DESIGNS – ‘Yankee Knitter Designs creating easy to follow knitting patterns  since 1987’. This pretty much sums it up but it doesn’t say that these are just easy template patterns. They feature color work, cables and nice details. The sizes range from infant to child to adult and some of the patterns feature sizes for the complete family in one leaflet. There are also sweaters, accessories, socks and Christmas socks, some 30 in all. While good patterns for the beginner, knitters at other skill levels will have fun knitting these.

We have not added as yet our doll clothes and toy pattern sources, some from the above designers but a number of others as well.