World Class Yarn Shop

We carry a number of products used by knitters, weavers and spinners as well as tools and equipment for other fiber arts. Although we try to keep items in stock it always seems that there is something not here. But we will order what you want if it isn’t in the shop at the time. Large items such as looms and spinning wheels have to be ordered. We are not listing prices because they change so often on many of the items. We will be adding pictures in the future


CIRCULAR NEEDLES– We encourage people to use circular needles as we feel that they are better for your hands and arms in the long run so you will find a very small selection of straight needles here.

DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES – All of our double pointed needles come in sets of 5.

Straight Needles –

we carry a limited supply of straight needles usually in ebony or rosewood……

CROCHET HOOKS – We carry a number of different kinds and brands of crochet hooks.

Clover Soft Touch Hook – Lightweight and ergonomic. This crochet hook is design to make crocheting comfortable for fingers. Sizes C through J.

Tatting Shuttles and Needles – We carry a selection of tatting shuttles and tatting needles. We also carry threads suitable for tatting as well as patterns and books for tatting. If you are someone who enjoys the look of tatting but just can’t get the hang of the shuttle, the tatting needle is very easy to use and you use the same pattern whether you tatt with a needle or a shuttle. An extra advantage of the needles is that they come big enough that you can use yarn to tatt with, making it possible to put a tatted edge on that sweater that you just knit!

Various knitting and Crochet tools – We have numerous tools for the knitter and crocheter. Some of the small tools will come from one company one time and another the next depending on what is available at any given time when we order.

Clover, Boyce & Bates Tools – We get locking stitch markers, split ring markers various point protectors, cable needles, counters, stitch holders, spool knitters such as the Wonder Knitter, yarn (darning) needles, thread and yarn cutting pendants. All those lovely little gadgets that make our accessories pouches full.

Tape Measures Besides our own Playing With Yarn, small ‘tire’ tape measure, we carry sheep and bee tape measures. Fun gifts for your knitting friends.

Blocking Wires – We have blocking wires to help you block your knit or crochet items. These are wonderful tools for blocking lace but can be used with any sort of item. They come in a set with long stiff (for straight edges) and flexible (for curved edges) wires that are run thorough the edge of the garment pieces. I use them with checked gingham fabric. I have pieces of fabric in every size of checks. The fabric works as my measuring lines for blocking my pieces.

Felting Needles and Tools – Besides individual felting needles, we carry multiple needle tools from Lacis and Clover. and we carry Clover’s needle felting Matt.

Needle Cases and Knitting Project Caddies

Circular Solutions – Two of our favorite people, although one is ‘just the sister of the boss’ ;-), They provide some of the best needle holders around plus more fun then you can imagine. Besides their famous Knitter’s License Plate, they have the circular solution, hanging needle case, The Double-points case, The Hooker for crochet hooks, straights for the unbending needles, the Port a Pocket for carrying your project around while you knit and the Knitting Nest for multiple ball projects. Easily recognized in their plain canvas color, most of the projects come in other colors too.

Wool Washes – There are a number of different wool washes. We recommend hand washing your knits in one of these wool washes over other products. They are not harsh products and do not strip the natural oils from natural fibers and are not made with harsh chemicals. Some of the common-over-the-counter soaps that are advertised for wool or hand knits are actually very harsh on natural fibers. Hand spinners learn very quickly what products are suited for natural fibers. The following products were developed for hand knits and spinners. Some of them have the added magic feature on not needing to be rinsed, I don’t know the chemistry behind it just that I have seen it work.

Meadows Wool Wash – a number of ‘flavors’ available. Originally developed by a Minnesota spinner.

Eucalan – no rinsing needed

Kookaburra – rinsing optional – we also carry their wool scouring formula for cleaning raw wool.

Country Homestead – No rinsing needed.

Mouth Guard – The perfect solution to the problem of ridding wool of moths without offensive odors or dangerous chemicals. Good for your hand knit precious heirlooms, expensive wool clothing or valuable Oriental carpets. MOTH GUARD is a water based formula that is safe to human skin once applied to a garment. MOTH GUARD is the first completely odorless remedy for clothes moths. MOTH GUARD is colorless and is no allergenic. MOTH GUARD will work on all wool garments, oriental carpets, drapery and any other woolen item. And since moths like bird feathers even more than they like to eat wool MOTH GUARD can be sprayed on any feathered art object for protection without blemish.
MOTH GUARD is not an insecticide. MOTH GUARD does not kill anything. MOTH GUARD is not a petroleum product. MOTH GUARD is not perfumed. MOTH GUARD is not an insect repellent. Originally packaged in large containers the company has packaged small packages suitable for up to 20 sweaters for yarn stores. Until it is dry, it is harmful to people and pets so needs to be used with normal care.

Fiber Dyes – Country Classic dyes for animal fibers and other dyes for plant fibers.

Hand Lotions and Creams – Both Udder Cream and Gloves IN A Bottle will keep your hands soft while you work with fibers. They are both suitable for fiber people as they leave no greasy residue to harm your fibers.

Ball Winders and Swifts – We carry two swifts. One is a lovely little table swift made in Germany and the other is Oregon Wood Worker’s (OWW) swift. They are very different from each other. The table swift takes up less room and maybe be more suitable for knitters and crocheters. The ‘OWW’ is great for weavers and spinners. I use the table swift in the shop as it takes up less room but I use the ‘OWW’ other wise.

Spinning and Weaving Equipment and Tools – We carry supplies and materials for spinning and weaving. It is by no means a complete selection but weavers and spinners are so personalized about what they want and how they do things that it is hard for us to have a complete line. We will be happy to try and order supplies for you if we can. We carry some roving and when we can get it fleeces. We also carry books and magazines on weaving and spinning.

Louet We are dealers for Louet looms and spinning wheels. We can also get support materials for weavers and spinners from Louet.

Beka Rigid Heddle Looms – The Minnesota made Beka Rigid Heddle Loom are great looms for the entry level weaver. They don’t take much room and are priced right.

Bobbin Lace Kits We carry a beginner’s bobbin lace kit. And we carry some supplies and books for Bobbin Lace.

Buttons and Braids I love buttons and braids! Our braids come from Sweden and include many traditional Swedish braid patterns. As for buttons, I’m a button collector and lover from way back. We carry buttons from a number of sources as well as some made by local artists. We also have some lovely shawl pins and besides those that come from far away, some are made by local people. When you stop by, don’t forget to check out our buttons. I have to justify having such a large button inventory, help me out!