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NEW HAT KIT COLLECTION – Nothing about 2020 has been easy including getting our hat kits ready and on the webpage. We are very pleased to offer the following five kits. All five use yarns from The Diana Collection from Yarns Northwest. They all use the lovely Silk and Merino yarn. Silk and Merino is 70% Merino Wool and 30% Silk. Each of the kits offer something a little different in technique. We are showing you the color card so that you can work with us in picking the colors that you want for your kit! Each kit contains the yarn and pattern: needles are separate. Shipping is additional!

ALL the patterns are designs by Judy Russi and we have her permission to include them in these kits. Being Minnesotans we like to create our own paths through the snow so rather than give you set color ways, we invite you to work with us in picking out your colors. You can call us at 218 834 5967, email us at or message us on Facebook.

This is the NEW 2021 Color card. We do have the disconnected colors in stock if you are interested in a color not on this card.

Our First kit is the Easy Hexagon Drum Hat – shown here in colors 33, 02 and 34. You need 3 colors of one ball each. The cost is $35.00


This is the darling Flap Hat. The Flap hat uses two colors and a

button. We are including a deer antler button in each kit. The first photo is in colors 30 and 39. Color 39 looks good on the bottom of color 06. The photo with the girl is in colors 06 and 20. The cost of the kit is $27.00


The Acorn Silk and Merino Lace hat is done with one ball of Silk and Merino. Shown in color 16, this is a fun hat to knit. The cost of the kit is $15.00


The Twisted Topper Hat is a really fun knit and use two balls of Silk and Merino. Knit here in colors 04 and 06. The twisted purl design is fun to watch develop and it was my second favorite to knit. I think that it has a really cute top too. The cost of the kit is $25.00


The Piazza Purl Silk and Merino Beret is done in two colors – hat 1 is done in numbers 24 and 33, hat 2 is done in 03 and 10 and not shown but on the needles is one in 04 and 16. You can either go for strong contrast or close family colors, both make for good fun! The kit is $25.00


This is the Bouffant Cable Hat – shown in a washed out color 24 (sorry my camera just didn’t want to get the color right.) It takes two balls of yarn, you know how much yarn cables take. But for the cable folks this is fun and for those would want to learn cables this is a good start. Cost is $25.00


We have added models of two crocheted hats in Silk Merino.

Rocky Shore Hat by Snowdrop Creates available on Ravelry!

2 balls of Silk and Merino

Wynn Hat by Noowul Designs also available on Ravelry

2 balls of Silk and Merino



Both hats were fun to do and look great. Contact us for more information.