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Slowly, things are getting back to normal. I am even catch up.
Last week the girls started back to Obedience classes. They seemed ready to get back and worked really hard. Jossie is in her second, or is it her third, session of Intermediate. And she stepped out on the floor and started doing things that she just didn’t get when we were last out there. She just needed to hatch the ideas. Winnie and Lilly are in Novice and while Bo takes Winnie, I take Lilly. Lilly did so well. She is nervous about new things and changes. But she knows most of the dogs in her class and for the first time, she wasn’t upset with the new dogs. She even dropped to downs with strange dogs around her. Sometimes it is the little things that mean the most. This was a first for her. She was happy and wanted to play and work. Winnie is doing better too. Bo is new at this and after sitting on the side lines for years, he is finding it different to be in the ring. It looks so easy from the side lines. Emma was thrilled to be back and when we heeled by Dan Herald – our instructor – he said, that she was doing a lot better and finally seems to get it. I can tell the difference just walking with her, The leash feels different when they are in the correct place moving with you. We are doing some retraining of a couple of things that she is doing wrong. We got some help at the Clicker Expo with a couple of learning methods that we are working on.

How does this translate to knitting? Actually very closely. When someone starts the whole process, of holding needles and yarn, is difficult. And to get everything to move smoothly and be comfortable takes time and practice. Sometimes having someone show you how to hold your yarn in just a different way opens a whole new book for you. Just as different breeds of dogs work differently, and different sizes of dogs need to be trained differently, knitters don’t all work the same. There are as many different ways to hold needles, yarn and move that yarn as there are knitters. But when it all works for you, you feel it. you don’t need to look down, the needles and yarn just feels different and you know it.

But in dog training and in knitting, it doesn’t happen overnight. It is a matter of practice and trying new things. It is keeping an open mind and trying new things. And it is a matter of listening to others and reading and trying out what works for you. There is no right way for everyone. And the only one who can decide for us, is us! Everyone if different and that is an okay thing.

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