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January 7, 2011

It’s a cold Friday! Emma is sleeping in her bed next to the heat register. For a dog that loves to play in the snow, she sure loves the heat register. I just saw the funniest You Tube video And I highly recommend it for a good morning laugh. Yesterday the new Vogue Knitting…
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January 5, 2011 And I think that I have it figured out!

I was having some problems posting to the blog so my January 2nd post just got up and I hope that my cute UFO guy makes it to this post. If he is here, all is well. I have been busy catching up. The Christmas presents are still in progress. I am over half done…
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2011 – A New Year

January 2, 2011 Bud Houston, founder of TeaCup Dog Agility Assoc, is starting another of his post a day for 100 days program. He actually has material to fill at least 100 days already to go. I don’t have material ready but If Bud can keep to such a time line, so can I. It…
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I am testing this feature

Winter is here and our Open House is this weekend.

Yesterday brought snow and slippery roads so I guess that winter has come. I made a pot of pumpkin soup using a recipe in my Farm Journal cookbook. It is a bit different as it has tomatoes in it. Of course I cooked up our garden pumpkin with our garden squash together. The deer didn’t…
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New Machine Washable Meriboo just Came in!

I just shelved the new Meriboo yarn from Frog Tree. We have carried Meriboo for some time but this is different, it is machine washable! It is still 70% Merino Wool and 30% Bamboo. It still knits at 5.5 stitches per inch and there are still the glorious colors but you can now machine wash…
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I am trying to rmember how to use this new feature!

There are  of new features with my new website and I am having a hard time remembering how to use them all. The format of the blog is one. It seems that I just get used to something and it changes. I am not sure if  my brain can continue to keep up with changing…
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September is here and the weather is cooler – good knitting weather!

It seems that September is going to be busy. It just started and the calendar is already full. There are classes, workshops, dog shows, garden to take care of and of course usual life. It’s been a busy summer and now a busy Fall. Maggi and I are still working on her workshop dates. A…
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Why do we carry so many patterns? It would be a lot simpler and a smaller cash outlay if we didn’t. In addition, there are certainly many free patterns out there for people to get. Instead, we choose to have many three-ring notebooks of patterns. Part of the reason is that I spend a great…
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