January 17, 2011 Can you believe it is snowing!

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January 17, 2011 Can you believe it is snowing!

We have snow falling, which is lucky because temperatures are expected to drop to below zero. I have discovered that people out of our area don’t understand why I am so happy to have snow. Snow serves as a big blanket and insulates the ground and what is below ground from the bitter cold. A good snow cover means that my perennials are all warm and snug for the winter and that our well and sewer system have a good cover so we don’t have problems with them. Snow is good! Cold is not!

And snow makes for good knitting weather. And cold makes for good wool weather. Of course, we have to move the snow from areas where we drive or walk. So warm wool mittens, hats and scarves are the recommended attire for shoveling. And of course we wear big boots. One December, I was at the Duluth Playhouse for a production and all of us women were all dressed up – long dresses etc. And as I looked down the aisle, I saw all of these big, heavy boots under the dresses. Many of us have gone to lighter weight Steiger Muck lucks but we still wear big boots.

Our houses’ designs use to reflect the weather too. Rooms had doors to close them off in order to not waste heating them when not in use. I have to wonder when we will start seeing all of these new ‘open concept’ houses being refurbished to have rooms that can be closed off. The cost of heating is going up and the reality of our economic life is that fewer people will be able to afford to heat spaces that they are not using. I don’t expect our world to go back the way it was and there will have to be changes in how we live. People are going to have to make different choices.

Unfortunately, the increase in fuel costs are being felt all along the route of yarn and supplies getting to my shop. I have seen dramatic increases in products and shipping so my prices have to go up to reflect them. I don’t like it any better than you and it has been some time since some of my suppliers have increased prices but they can no longer absorb them and have had to pass them on to me. I am going to have to pass them on to you. I like them have been absorbing some of these increases but I can’t do it any longer either. Crumb, life is not always pleasent.