January 8, 2011 – another cold January day in Knife River

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January 8, 2011 – another cold January day in Knife River

Another cold morning on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Yesterday it was so cold that even Emma didn’t want to go out. The wind was what pushed the temperatures down and I can hear the Lake crashing behind me as I write. The cold brought out the customers. Warm wool jumps to knitter’s minds when it gets cold.

Carolyn and I met yesterday and worked out classes for the next few months. We hear so often from new customers that they have taken a class some where else and wouldn’t take another class because they feel that they wasted their time and money and have a finished product that they can’t wear. We work very hard to have people leave a class with not only a usable product but one that can be worn with pride AND that they can reproduce. After all that is the reason to take a class, to be learn how to do it again on your own. Anyway, we have a line-up of great classes coming in the next few months. I just have to get them written up and on the website and in a newsletter so people will know about them.

I ended up with no time yesterday to even get all the descriptions written up, much less get them print ready. I am not sure that today will prove to be any better. And then I have to figure out the challenging part – how do I get word to people about the classes if they don’t have access to a computer? This is really a growing concern because, although most people have not only their computer but smart phones, we still have to realize that there are computerless people. How times have changed!

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  1. Judy Casserberg says:

    It is actually cold!

  2. Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  3. Judy Casserberg says:

    Yes we do. Look for Playing With Yarn in Knife River.

  4. Judy Casserberg says:

    Katie, you need to sign yourself up.

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