Author: Judy Casserberg

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What Happened To Our Beautiful Weather?

We had a great Spring. We got the garden planted in May and it is growing wonderfully. May is fairly early for our area. We had just enough rain and warm days. Now suddenly we went to a more average June but the weather we have now is like early June – maybe even early…
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June 2011

It’s warm, it’s sunny, it must be spring, maybe even summer. The garden is planted and is growing. Unlike last year when we didn’t have any rain from Mid-April to Mid-July, this year the rain is coming as it is needed. We are slowing working through the perennial beds and getting them looking good. The…
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April 22nd, 2011 and I am some what back on track!

This has not been the best winter. After my January hospital visit, the winter got even more annoying. Bo got a horrible cough which held on for awhile. Then Jossie ate chocolate an shared it with Emma and Lilly. Winnie had been naughty and was in time-out so she didn’t get any and wasn’t involved.…
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January 31, 2011 Monday and last day of January

The last day of January and it’s snowing but how fast can a month go? This is the last day to vote at my Free Form group for this year’s topic and it looks like my second choice is the winner. I actually changed my vote to my second choice when it looked like my…
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Winter January 30, 2011

When we were kids, we played a game int he winter called Fox and Geese. Kids today wouldn’t recognize it as a game, it didn’t take batteries, electricity or any other equipment. All it took was snow, winter snowsuits and boots. We walked a big circle in the snow and then made cross paths and…
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Saturday January 29, 2011

Well I managed o get the flu from my flu shot and spent a good deal of Thursday in bed. I am feeling pretty good now but we have to clear snow from the front door to get in the shop.

Doctors appointment – January 26, 2011

My doctor seemed to reach the same conclusion that I did, I need to change my pain med and it is probably acid reflex and we will start by treating the acid reflex for 30 days with pills and see if that works and he gave me a new pain med. But my insurance company…
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January 24, 2011 Why save labels and other ramblings

First of all I want to show you the piece of crewel embroidery that I am working on now – at least how it will look when I am done. This is a fun one and there are some individual choices that push you a bit. I am working on a Knit A Long (KAL…
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Sunday January 23, 2011 – still cold in Knife River

While it is still cold, it has warmed up to zero! With everything that has been going on, I have set my knitting aside and have been working on some crewel embroidery. I love crewel and I carry some wonderful kits from Great Briton by Phillipa Turnbull. Phillipa is the creating force at The Crewel…
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I can relax again

All Yorkie girls are okay! Jossie is running about and bugging her sisters. These were really expensive bars and a good lesson learned. I am exhausted, a different exhausted than I ever felt before. I am ready for a day of doing nothing but maybe a little crewel embroidery. Our friend Kelly took this photo…
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