April 22nd, 2011 and I am some what back on track!

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April 22nd, 2011 and I am some what back on track!

This has not been the best winter. After my January hospital visit, the winter got even more annoying. Bo got a horrible cough which held on for awhile. Then Jossie ate chocolate an shared it with Emma and Lilly. Winnie had been naughty and was in time-out so she didn’t get any and wasn’t involved. Lilly and Jossie got very sick and we had a scary couple of days but all survived and we learned more about dogs and chocolate than we ever planned to. Then my old eye trouble, iritis, flared up after over ten years of not bothering me. It has made typing and computer screens difficult to deal with. Now, hopefully, it is running it’s course. I see the eye doctor on Tuesday and hopefully it will be gone. But it is a sure thing that I need new glasses as things are not in focus and seeing is a bit pain. Then a couple of weeks ago my allergies kicked in – I think that I have to finally admit that I am allergic to pussy willows. I love pussy willows! Hopefully it is really the trees. But now I appear to be on the mend! I just need to get new glasses and adjust to the new meds.

Along the way, I have finally put up details of Edie Eckman’s workshops for May 1 & 2. I have made arrangements to bring kits and books from Maggi Knits to the MN Knitter’s Guild’s YarnOver April 30th and I have some wonderful new roving from Cross Patch Creations to bring along too.

The Yorkie Girls are fine, Lilly has a new agility title. Both Emma and Lilly have some good agility runs under their paws from this winter. Winnie has had some nice and qualifying runs and Jossie is working on her stage fright.

Bo is looking at turkey hunting so we will have Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey to eat. The garden looks about ready to till and we have seeds waiting to be planted. We think Spring may be just around the corner.

I guess all is well but this winter better be an exception and not what the future looks at bringing us. We maybe gray headed and can’t do everything that we used to do but we are looking at many years ahead of us and this winter was not fun – so there!