June 2011

World Class Yarn Shop

June 2011

It’s warm, it’s sunny, it must be spring, maybe even summer. The garden is planted and is growing. Unlike last year when we didn’t have any rain from Mid-April to Mid-July, this year the rain is coming as it is needed. We are slowing working through the perennial beds and getting them looking good. The dogs can go out in the yard and play with out fear of eagles. The world is good.

The shop is full with yarn, books and patterns and some great new ideas. Start that Holiday knitting now and avoid the winter rush! I am evaluating the magazines that I carry as well as books and patterns. The changes in how people receive their printed materials is causing me to take a close look at what printed materials I can afford to continue carrying. Your thoughts on this are welcome. I myself haven’t a Kindle or I-Pad but many of my customers do. I am seeing a decrease in magazine purchases and am finding customers are having their magazines delivered to their computes or cyberprint devises directly. Also many are getting their patterns directly on-line from resources like Patternfish . I have to decide then if it is better to use my merchandise dollar and shop shelf space on yarn and needles rather than on printed materials. I have to admit that I would like a Kindle for my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday, for the first time since 1998, I will not spend my birthday at TNNA. First of all, I decided that I rather spend my birthday at home with my family. I am getting older and I don’t know how many birthdays are ahead of me and I figure that the reps can come to me – after my birthday – and TNNA can get along without me. That added to the poor selection of education offerings the last couple of years – the good ones I have already taken more than once – and that my last couple of airplane flights have been very unpleasant AND the increase cost of going all added up to staying at home. So I will not be in Columbus this year.

We will be closed on June 11th – the day before my birthday. Bo and the Yorkies are taking me on a birthday trip to play Terrier games. We will be open on my birthday, June 12. Don’t be surprised to find a sign on the door this summer that says that we are open but may be in the backyard. Don’t worry the shop doorbell will ring so that we can hear it and know that you are here. It is just that I want to take advantage when I can of my yard and family. I am attending my 50th class reunion this year and am realizing that there are things that I need to take advantage of while I can. So rather than sit in the shop all day, I am taking advantage of having the shop and home so close together. I am seeing a difference in how the world does business and I think that it is time for me to change a bit too. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t welcome any time the shop is open and I am always willing to help you with your project from start to finish, it just means that I will be using the time when you aren’t here differently – I MAY EVEN BE WEAVING! So stop on by, shop, stay for a cup of and a jolly good talk.