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January 31, 2011 Monday and last day of January

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The last day of January and it’s snowing but how fast can a month go? This is the last day to vote at my Free Form group for this year’s topic and it looks like my second choice is the winner. I actually changed my vote to my second choice when it looked like my first choice didn’t have a chance. But I am quite comfortable with this one and it is leading me places that I never expected to go. I am really quite excited but I better take a good look at the deadline to get my piece done by. That may change a whole lot of priorities for awhile.

Isn’t that the way the world works, you have a nice tidy schedule and something comes along and mixes it all up. I like tidy. I like to have everything lined up with me in control but it never seems to last. Maybe that is why knitting and weaving are so comfortable to me, they are controllable. And maybe that is why I find Free Form so exciting, I have no if any control over it. Well off I go to my almost controlled world and see what the day will bring.

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