Doctors appointment – January 26, 2011

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Doctors appointment – January 26, 2011

My doctor seemed to reach the same conclusion that I did, I need to change my pain med and it is probably acid reflex and we will start by treating the acid reflex for 30 days with pills and see if that works and he gave me a new pain med. But my insurance company seems to think that it practices medicine better than my doctor and wouldn’t okay the pain med. My doctor will have to either change the med or appeal to the insurance company. Now at this time I take NO prescription medications at all. I haven’t for years but they are evaluating my medical care with out any information about me. And people wonder why I have little faith in health insurance companies or their role in people’s health care.

I did get in some minutes of knitting time in the waiting room. I am work on the Misti Mystery Scarf and it is doing much better on the Serendipity wooden straight needles. Needles type does make a difference on different projects and this one is much more pleasant to knit on needles with a sharp point. Don’t ever be afraid to try a different type of needle if you are having trouble with a project. Points, material style are all important. Don’t ever been a one needle for all things knitter or you will be handicapping yourself. There are time and places for almost all sorts of needles. The other needle that I like the sharp point of is the ones that Char makes for us – it’s just that I had the others in hand at the time. But experiment and try different needles for different projects. You will be surprised!

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  1. The reason the sizes are confusing is that packages use both an American and European sizing system with a between them. And there is no law that says you can use a size 12 for a size 10 project.

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