January 7, 2011

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January 7, 2011

It’s a cold Friday! Emma is sleeping in her bed next to the heat register. For a dog that loves to play in the snow, she sure loves the heat register. I just saw the funniest You Tube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ii8lwN-edA&feature=player_embedded And I highly recommend it for a good morning laugh.
Yesterday the new Vogue Knitting came in and it is a winner and a keeper. Even if you don’t get all the Vogue Knitting issues, this is one that is worth getting and keeping for future use. It is getting to be that the two best selling knitting magazines here in the shop are Creative Knitting and Vogue Knitting. Interweave Knits has such strange shaping and bad neck lines and for some reason, Knitters is just not inspiring people. Maybe we just have too many choices.

I took our UFO Wednesday evening time to work on a Crewel Embroidery piece that I am doing. It’s not particularly difficult as crewel pieces go but it is enjoyable and it is a good piece for me to work on to get my rhythm back. I also have a petite point piece that I have been working on using Titty Thomas silk thread. I really don’t like doing petite point but it makes such a difference when using the silk thread that I am really enjoying doing it.

I really need to get back to doing a variety of things and start designing weaving pieces and let my creativity flow. I have been way to task orientated the last couple of years and am feeling boxed in.

It is funny but winter is the season when I can get myself moving and start thinking about new and exciting things. While many people dread winter, I look at it as the best season in the year for planning and stimulating mu imagination. I love winter! I have a hard time understanding why others don’t. It is a cuddly season when you can justify taking time off to think and create.

I have a new freestyle project in mind and I have been waiting to hear what my freestyle Yahoogroup is going to pick as the theme for this year’s book to start. One of my objectives for 2011 is to enter a piece in the competition to be included in the book. If the theme doesn’t work for me, I will just start my project anyway. We shall see, they decide the theme soon.

I am also so excited about Iris Schreier’s free patterns on Face Books and her regular Knit A Longs. I highly recommend then and suggest that people take a look at her patterns. I am currently knitting a cashmere jacket in her Cashmere 3 yarn and should be done in a couple of weeks – just because it is being knit along with three or four other projects.

Now off to feed bunnies and get the mail before I open. Enjoy this glorious day that we have been given!