Cold January 16, 2011

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Cold January 16, 2011

I have been using my Karoke fingerless gloves when typing the last week or so and it sure keeps my hands warm. I just signed up for another Art Yarns Knit a Long, Like I have time? I still have the Christmas presents to finish. But it just looked to good to resist. I wonder if the shop had a knit a long how many would like to do one. Let me know if you are interested.

Sunday is Yorkie bath day so we now have clean Yorkies. Baths also tire them out so we have clean, tired Yorkies. Tires us our too. I could use a nap. Th new pain med maybe starting to work. We shall see.

And I wrote out my first crochet pattern. It is much easier for me to write up knit patterns. There are so many funny abbreviations in crochet. It would be simpler if everyone just used graphs. I love graphs. But it is done and I am pretty pleased with myself. I am still not so pleased with the world in general, though.

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  1. Carabini says:

    …The quest to use the yarn I have stored before the moths get to it first…….. Still I am pretty pleased with this for 2 I didnt even have to pay for the button which came from a clothing label tag …

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