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World Class Yarn Shop

More On Market 2009

Of course classes comprise a small amount of the time that we spend at market. Eight hours a day are spent walking the floor of the convention center looking at yarns and related items and making, what we hope are, smart choices. There are a lot of companies trying to get our attention and convince…
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My 2009 Report from TNNA

This is a long one so be prepared! Part One Columbus and Classes I am writing this while sitting in the Columbus, Ohio airport. I have a couple of hours before my flight boards. So while I enjoy my Cobb salad and my large Guinness, I want to put down some of my impressions of…
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On vacation

I am in southeastern Ohio with Emma and Lilly at agility camp. We arrived Sunday after driving for three days. I drove while the girls rested in their crates in the back seat. I went throught 2 1/2 books on tape. I started listening to books on tape after an agility trial a few years…
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There is always something to do!

Slowly, things are getting back to normal. I am even catch up. Last week the girls started back to Obedience classes. They seemed ready to get back and worked really hard. Jossie is in her second, or is it her third, session of Intermediate. And she stepped out on the floor and started doing things…
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We’re back!

If you haven’t noticed the blog hasn’t changed for some time.  I haven’t been able to get into it to write anything. But now with our new website look, I can get into the blog again. And if you have written to me through the blog, I haven’t seen your post. Technology is so wonderful…
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