On vacation

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On vacation

I am in southeastern Ohio with Emma and Lilly at agility camp. We arrived Sunday after driving for three days. I drove while the girls rested in their crates in the back seat. I went throught 2 1/2 books on tape. I started listening to books on tape after an agility trial a few years ago. There is a lending library of books on tape that is spread around the country among agility people. It started after an accident where a tired agility person was killed because of driving home tired. I took out a couped of books after a trial and became hooked on traveling with books playing. I usually get light reading books that I have already read so I can listen but not consintrate. Although I have listened to D Day twice. Still most of my books are mysteries.er fI have recently listened to two books for children that I like very much. The first one is The Penwicks and the second is about the same family.

After we left Columbus we ran into a traffic snarl up and seeing it was miles long, I pulled off of the Interstate and onto rural roads to bypass the accident. It was a serendipity event. We traveled the back roads before hitting another large highway that wound through the hills of southern Ohio and then on to another rural road. The rural road must have been built by a billy goat! Up and down and around it went through absolutely beautiful country. The grading was also done by the goat! When we finally arrived I realized that I hadn’t seen a guard rail any where.

But we have arrived in a beautiful piece of property on the top of a hill overlooking rolling hills and valleys. It is very different from home, both are beautiful but very different. And yesterday the work began. This maybe a vacation but it is also very much a working one, at least for the girls and me. We are at Bud and Marsha Houston’s Country Dream Agility Camp and Bud is a formidable task master. And I have already learned that my front cross, an elementary agility move, stinks!

Bud is a believer that dogs already know the moves it’s just the human who has to be taught. Sine I have taken workshops from Bud, I had already an idea how he works so I wasn’t surprised at his methods. I like Bud and have followed what he has written since I started agility. He doesn’t pull punches with people but he is a friend to the dog.

Lilly says that she has to go out so I will continue later.

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