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We get the computer gain!

May 10, 2007 by  
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Mom has let us get to the computer again! She hogs it. We have been really busy. We have had school and mom has been playing with us in the agility yard. All winter Emma and Lilian have had agility workshops. But now it is warm and we can play on our own equipment. Daddy got us a new tunnel and weave poles. Later this month we have a TeaCup Dog Agility Fun Run and next month we have a TDAA trial. Winnie isn’t ready to trial yet. Lilian says that Winnie isn’t ready to do anything yet. She says that Winnie wants to be a cheerleader. But mom says that Winnie is doing okay in obedience and beginning to do things in agility.

Now we have to go. Mom has said that the weather is nice and we need to go out to play. Soon Earth Dog will start and we need to practice on the chippermunkers!

Bye for now, Emma and Lilian

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