Winnie passed and Lilian has her CGC

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Winnie passed and Lilian has her CGC

Winnie passed her beginner obedience class. She sure acted silly but she passed! Lilian took her AKC Canine Good Citizen test and she passed. I, Emma, have mine already. Winnie will have to take her test some time too.

It was so nice, we had clear ground and could play on our agility stuff. But yesterday it snowed and it snowed again. Now we have snow back. I like snow and Lilian likes snow but that Winnie. Winnie doesn’t like to get her feet wet. What a wimp!

Mom downloaded the information on Teacup Dog Agility’s Petit Prix. I went with her last year and this year she says that Lilian can come too. it is in October so we have lots of time to plan. I hope that the snow melts by then.

We are having Spring break from school. We start again next week. I will so glad to get back to see my friends. Lilian and Winnie like school too. Now I have to go. Mom is going to go out and check the snow. I want to watch.

Keep warm, Emma