2011 – A New Year

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2011 – A New Year

January 2, 2011

Bud Houston, founder of TeaCup Dog Agility Assoc, is starting another of his post a day for 100 days program. He actually has material to fill at least 100 days already to go. I don’t have material ready but If Bud can keep to such a time line, so can I. It will hopefully give me a goal – hopefully.

January 2, 2011 – I need to get a couple things done this month. One is getting back to my life style change and the other is to get some unfinished projects finished. Both shouldn’t be that hard, it just takes some planning on my part. And of course some task orientation work. Hopefully, I can get it done.

There are a few things that I want to get back to in 2011. I want to get back to my loom. I have warps ready to go on the loom. I just need to open up the area around the loom and get to it. I also want to work on some new bobbin lace projects and I have a couple of crewel embroidery pieces waiting for me. And I have a partially finished petite point project – in silk – to finish. Then I have some training goals for the Yorkie Girls. We are all getting older and we need to get cracking while we – meaning me – still can.

I am putting a poster up at the Knife River Post Office saying that Wednesday evenings the classroom will be open for anyone who wants to do anything. The coffee, tea and hot chocolate pots will be on. People can come and read, sew, knit, carve wood, play cribbage, make music – any thing that they want. I think that it is going to be a long winter and we are going to need some stimulation to keep our creative juices flowing. So I have revived our UFO space-person and dusted off the idea of UFO Night – Unfinished Objects. Creativity often feeds off of someone else and you can get inspired by what someone else is doing, even when it is in a different media. And anyway, I plan to do any project but knit during this time so I can get some time for my bobbin lace or crewel.

I am also reading a book that I saw reviewed in the New Yorker, or maybe it was just an ad. But Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson jumped at me and I bought it. It is enjoyable and I highly recommend it even if it doesn’t involve knitting or any fiber for that matter. I have never just jumped into a book by just reading it’s title and a few sentences about it before, maybe that is something I should do more often because this has been a pleasant read.

Now back to my unfinished Christmas Presents – I should have them done soon and people should have them by the end of January!