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Sunday January 23, 2011 – still cold in Knife River

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While it is still cold, it has warmed up to zero! With everything that has been going on, I have set my knitting aside and have been working on some crewel embroidery. I love crewel and I carry some wonderful kits from Great Briton by Phillipa Turnbull. Phillipa is the creating force at The Crewel Work Company. I have taken a couple of classes from her and have a couple of pieces started and have finished one in these mind boggling days. It is a different part of my brain that gets used when I do crewel and in many ways less demanding. I have a petite point design that I am doing that is also from Phillipa. Yes, I know that I saw that I don’t like needle point but it can be very calming at times and this one I am doing in fine silk thread from Tilli Thomas. The tactile feel of the silk going through my fingers is really very wonderful.

The Crewel that I just finished is titled, Scottish Thistle.


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