I am trying to rmember how to use this new feature!

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I am trying to rmember how to use this new feature!

There are  of new features with my new website and I am having a hard time remembering how to use them all. The format of the blog is one. It seems that I just get used to something and it changes. I am not sure if  my brain can continue to keep up with changing technology. Even though new knitting needles and yarn come out, the basic technique for using them remains the same and even if some new technique does appear, you can still manage to create a perfectly good garment using the techniques that you are familiar with.  With computers, I have trouble even finding my way and  remembering how to publish something.

I am not against new things and change, I just am suspicious of them! And although I lovely embrace some new things, like my new Blue Ray player, I am not so sure of others. It appears to be getting worse as I get older. My Grandmother warned me about this but I figured that it would happen to other people, not me.

The last few weeks, I have been hit with an allergy attack that I haven’t had to deal with for some three or four years. As soon as it hit I put my knitting projects aside and looked for some easy, no brainers to do until it passed. I have learned from experience that I can’t do any complicated thinking when my head is stuffed up. And today, as I thought that I could get back to serious knitting, I became lost in a simple project.

Not only do I become lost in simple thought, I get nasty and crabby. It takes so much more just to exist, that common courtesy gets lost. I find myself saying things to people, that under normal time, I wouldn’t even think. When you add this to my normal fibro brain, it can be scary. Normal fibro brain means lost words and letters – so why is spelling important anyway and thank God for spell check . The Fibromylagia commercials don’t talk about the memory loss that goes along with the pain of fibro. or if they have, I have forgotten it. And they don’t talk about the sleep loss. Sleep loss makes people crabby too.

Oh, well, they are talking frost tonight  and frost usually helps my allergies. I just need to bring in our one tomato plant and hope that nothing gets too badly nipped.