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This line of patterns include the famous Booga bag. There is a complete line of felted bags to choose from all with women’s names. I have found it rather amusing that people will often want to knit the pattern with their name or knit one for someone else that has that person’s name. Well written for the beginn9ing felter. These are some of the better felted bag patterns out there.

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  1. Terry Doyle says:

    I live in Mpls. and was up there last year to visit your store. I saw 2 kits for afghans that really caught my eye. I asked you if the finished product was for sale and you said “No”! I want to get info about the yarns used. I remember they were fine, very fuzzy and very beautiful. The yarns used were deep burgundy, purple, blue and gray, as I remember. Can you give me the brands for those yarns? I know the kits were more than $200.00 and I know the yarns are high quality just as the components of any artwork would be. Could you tell me how I might be able to acquire the yarns individually as well as their names? Thanks so much! Terry L Doyle, 612-522-7041

  2. Judy Casserberg says:

    Terry, sorry not to get back to you sooner but this is a new feature for us and I couldn’t get in to answer you. The kits are the AB Fab kits from Colinette. They come in various color ways. The yarns are available seperately but the cost remains about the same if not more.

  3. Judy Casserberg says:

    These are the AB Fab kits from Colinette. The yarns are available separately but the cost is greater than the kits. Colinette bundles the kits in different color ways. There really is no less expensive way to knit these kits with Colinette yarns. I am sure that you can google the product and find the names and color of each yarn used in the kits but the yarns thenselves are expensive as a hank.

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